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FLU VACCINATIONS Posted on 9 Dec 2019

This year we have a new strain of flu Vaccine for patients 65 years and over, a adjuvant has been added to allow the vaccine to work better in the above age group, the vaccine contains three strain types - 2 A strains and 1 B strain.

We are also offering Flu injections to under 65 year olds with one of the following clinical conditions

A person with a BMI of over 40

Or if you have a long-term condition of the:

Lungs, e.g. asthma or COPD
Brain or nervous system
Immune system

We also offer Nasal Flu from 2 years to 17 years of age, this is the preferred method for this age group and covers 4 strains of flu - 2 A strains and 2 B strains.

Please note that the schools are also offering the nasdal spray to cerain ages, please check with your school for more details and dates.

The Department of Health advise vaccination to be your best option for protection, so if your in one of the groups listed above, dont underestimate flu -


Or talk to your Nurse or GP for more infomation 


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