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Telephone System Update Posted on 16 Nov 2021

As of 19th November 2021 we will be making changes to our telephone systems. This will mainly effect the time we ask patients to contact us for routine appointments.

At present the demand for our services are extremely high and we are looking at ways to accommodate patient demand throughout the day via the telephone system.

So with effect from the 19th November can we please ask that patients adhere to the following changes.

Between the hours of:

  • 8am-10am Emergency same day consultations,
  • 11am-2pm Prescription clerk queries and ordering (please note this service is only available for housebound patients to order prescriptions),
  • From 2pm Routine appointments will be available for the following morning or 2 weeks in the afternoon. 

For any other enquiries or to speak to a receptionist, patients are welcome to ring throughout the day between the hours of 8am – 6.30pm.

We hope that this will give patients greater opportunity to be able to gain access our services via the telephone. 


Many Thanks for your patience at this time



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