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FROM MAY - CARE NAVIGATION Posted on 10 Apr 2019

  • Care Navigation is a person-centred approach that uses information to help ensure your individual needs are met
  • It enables staff to effectively provide you with information about how to access alternative local health
  • Care Navigators can support you to access the most appropriate service, which may not need to be a GP
  • care Navigators understand that what you tell them may lead to you still needing to see a GP



GP Practice receptionists have been trained as CARE NAVIGATORS and have the full support of GPs.

You will be politely asked for the reason for your appointment request as CONFIDENTIALLY as possible,

CARE NAVIGATION means not all visits to your Surgery will result in you being offered a GP appointment.

You may be directed to support from VOLUNTARY ORGANISATIONS/COMMUNITY BASED SERVICES depending on your issue

You may be offered CARE from other members of the Surgery team, such as a PHARMACIST or PRACTICE NURSE

When you present with symptoms that meet the criteria for other services such as physiotherapy, pharmacy, optician or third sector service; the CARE NAVIGATOR can offer you a choice and give you information to help you get to the most appropriate help.

Please be patient with the Care Navigator (Receptionist) as the best way to help you get to the most appropriate support is by asking you specific questions.

The services we will be offering to you are:-

Choose pharmacy

Direct acess physiotherapy

Emergancy dental treatment


Social Prescriber

Community connectors


Your Neighbourhood Professionals. Just a Click Away!
Your Neighbourhood Professionals. Just a Click Away!